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You have found what is probably the most helpful and informative local real estate agency, serving both the Thai National and the expatriate communities within beautiful Rayong Province,Thailand.

I have extensive experience in managing rental properties and selling property within the local area and I specialise in property situated within the coastal strip between Eastern Rayong City and Ban Phe. I occasionally also list executive properties for clients selling and renting in the Hat Laem Mae Phim beach, Pattaya and Bangkok areas.

If you want to build a new house or houses on land in Rayong, purchase existing properties or maybe just arrange property rental, I can help to make it an easy and pleasurable task. Why not just leave it to Rayong Homes to locate suitable condos, building land, businesses or houses for sale in picturesque Rayong on your behalf?

My property rental service can supply you with a range of properties for rent at very reasonable prices. I can also provide you with motorcycle rental and/or arrange car hire while you are searching for your ideal home.

If you are confused by Thailand property legislation, purchase proceedures and ownership laws, or you just have a property related question that you need answered, please refer to my comprehensive FAQ section. If you cannot find a satisfactory answer please contact me directly and I will endeavour to provide the information that you require. I pride myself on giving friendly and helpful customer service, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I have a large database of satisfied customers from Scandinavia, Eastern and Western Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa. Many of these customers have become good friends and regular clients over the years. I am very well known in the Hat Maerampung Beach/Rayong area, so you can easily check on my integrity and quality of service.

Unlike some other agencies, I do not say bad things about my competitors or use misleading scaremonger tactics to gain business. I believe that fair competition is good for motivation and that the agencies that provide the best service will prevail and earn customer loyalty. If an agency provides bad service or it is dishonest, everybody will get to know very quickly – just ask around locally and check on the integrity of any agency (including my own) before spending your hard earned money.

Thank you for your interest in my services and I hope that you enjoy your property hunting and sightseeing experiences in what is certainly one of the most beautiful, interesting and safe areas of wonderful Thailand. Before parting with your money, be sure to carefully compare my prices with those of other agencies and please consider contacting me first so that I can help you to secure the best possible deal. My agency services are totally free for buyers.

Nuanjan Reason (Proprietor Rayong Homes).


TEL. MOBILE: NUANJAN – 0890 967505.

TEL. LAND LINE: NUANJAN – 038 651317.

EMAIL: maerampung@yahoo.com

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