Despite the continuing global economic crisis and the extremeley strong Thai Baht, it is projected that within Thailand as a whole, beachfront (or near beachfront) land, condominium and house prices will once again rise by around 10% on average within the next 12 months. Unless you are incredibly wealthy you can forget the dream of owning your own piece of paradise within the key Thailand holiday resort locations. Land plots on Phuket Island’s west coast are currently selling for between 20 and 50 million Baht per rai and on Patong Beach you can expect to pay a staggering 200 million Baht per rai. Poor old Koh Samui Island is trailing slightly at an average of ‘only’ 15 million Baht per rai depending on location and dimensions!

I have a foreign friend who visited Koh Samui Island for the first time only 25 years ago. He was offered one rai of beachfront land for a mere 7000 English Pounds (approx. 320,000 Baht at today’s exchange rate) but he did not have the foresight to make this investment in a land so far away from his native country. Don’t forget that at this time Koh Samui was not quite the commercialised hot-spot that it is today. I don’t have to say how my friend feels about his bad decision now!

The point that I am trying to convey is that having foresight is what investing in property overseas is all about. You also need the opportunity to exercise your foresight and unfortunately these days such opportunities do not arise too frequently. However, in Rayong Province the opportunity to safely invest in real estate, enjoy it and quickly prosper is currently an exciting reality.


Hat Maerampung beach is remarkably still a relatively unknown and undiscovered gem of a resort. It is hard to believe that although it is only 80km distant from world famous Pattaya and 10km distant from popular Koh Samet Island, many foreign visitors to eastern Thailand have never before heard of it.

When western visitors discover Hat Maerampung beach for the first time, they are invariably stunned by the natural beauty of the place and at the same time surprised by it’s excellent infrastructure and easily accessed modern ‘creature comforts’. Most return to their native countries and tell their families and friends about this remarkable piece of paradise. These people in turn also visit to satisfy their curiosity.

The past 5 years in particular has seen a dramatic increase in the volume of foreign visitors to Hat Maerampung. Many have been so surprised by the currently low cost of local real estate that they have invested with no hesitation. It stands to reason that the price of properties within Rayong (the coastal belt in particular) has noticeably risen recently and will very soon escalate. Already, most individuals who invested wisely 5 years ago have seen their properties appreciate in value by an average of 50%.

Just think sensibly about things for a moment. There are not too many places remaining in the civilised world where a beachfront apartment with spectacular ocean views and excellent communal facilities can be purchased for the price of a new, average model family car. Likewise, there are not so many places remaining where you can purchase a european standard luxury bungalow or house situated near to the beach for only 30% or less of the cost of a similar property on a dreary housing estate back home! Take some good advice – cancel the new car order this year and buy property in the vicinity of Hat Maerampung beach instead.

From a property speculator’s perspective here are TEN excellent reasons to consider a purchase of real estate at Hat Maerampung.

(1) Excellent road and public transport infrastructure. Also, U-Tapao and Bangkok international airports are both relatively close at hand. There is speculation that a high speed railway link between Bangkok and Rayong might soon be approved. This would mean Rayong property prices rocketing overnight, as Rayong would only be a 45 minute commute to central Bangkok.

(2) Excellent modern and well maintained civic amenities.

(3) National Park location – no indiscriminate future development.

(4) Very good telecommunications and internet access.

(5) Low crime rate – safe for individuals and families alike.

(6) Only 15km from Rayong City – excellent medical, educational, shopping and recreational facilities.

(7) Situated immediately next to Koh Samet island (the next key Thai holiday resort location) and actually forms part of the Koh Samet National Park.

(8) 12km of beautiful tree-lined tropical shoreline to the front and a picturesque mountain range to the rear.

(9) Incredibly low prices for condo, land, house and other local real estate at this present time, but starting to rise at a percentage rate higher than the Thailand national average.

(10) Beach property always has excellent rental and resale potential.

Why wait and miss your golden opportunity? Come and join our happy and prospering expat community soon! Take your Thailand holiday in our beautiful area and view some of the lovely homes or apartments which are perfect for those well earned regular vacations or for your early retirement.




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